Rose Mary's Pralines

roasted organic cashew pralines

Everyone loves our New Orleans pecan pralines. They have been made using the the same artisanal techniques for more than 100 years. Several years ago, much to my consternation, a former classmate indicated that she wanted to order some of our delicious pralines, but that she was allergic to pecans!!! Fortunately, she was not allergic to cashews and thus the "roasted organic cashew" praline was born!! We're confident that once you taste Rose Mary's Cashew Pralines - you'll be hooked!


Tempt your palate with one of our new cashew pralines or one of our other decadent Southern treats. Send them as gifts to friends or relatives for any occasion!


Celebrate Mardi Gras every day with Rose Mary's Pecan and Cashew Pralines!

Rose Mary's Cashew Pralines - Individual

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Rose Mary's Cashew Pralines - 5 count Box

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Rose Mary's Cashew Pralines - 10 Count Box

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