Rose Mary's Pralines

Rose Mary's Pralines are handcrafted

Rose Mary and James Mundy were remarkable parents who raised nine children. On special occasions, we would return home to the sweet, heavenly aroma of creamy New Orleans pecan pralines being poured artfully onto large battered platters. Although not listed as a measurable ingredient, the one element that Mom always included in large measure with every batch was "loads of love."


Each one of Rose Mary's Pralines signature candies is made the same as it always has been on gas stoves in copper bottom pots and "hand poured" onto specially prepared counter tops.


Our Pralines are Prepared Fresh - Daily!

Made with only the finest natural ingredients - certified organic evaporated cane sugar, organic butter, organic paper shell pecans and evaporated milk.


Our family is proud to share this unique Southern delicacy with you. We're confident that once you taste Rose Mary's Pecan Pralines that you'll be hooked! Tempt your palate with our 5 and 10 count box of gourmet pecan pralines or send them as gifts to friends or relatives for any occasion.


"Laissez les bon temps rouler!" (Let the good times roll!) Celebrate Mardi Gras every day with Rose Mary's Pecan Pralines!